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  • Too loud, too low, or repeated voice prompts.
    Go to the App > Settings > Speaker Volume to mute the speaker or adjust the volume as needed.
  • There is no sound when playing the recorded videos.
    If the microphone icon on the display has been disenabled, the video has been recorded without sound. To turn on the microphone, please go to the App > Settings > Record Audio. If the microphone icon on the display is normal, please go to App > Settings > Default and restore the dash camera to factory settings. (It's normal for live video to be without audio.) Note: In case the problem persists after resetting, please contact us directly.
  • The machine sometimes sends out a voice reminder of "the video is locked", is it normal?
    The voice reminder indicates that the current video is being locked and recorded.It is a normal situation that the G-sensor function is triggered due to sudden braking,collision or bad road conditions during the driving process. You can go to App > Settings > Gsensor to adjust the sensitivity level or disable this function.
  • How to mute the sound of the dash camera?
    After connecting to the camera's WiFi, please go to App > Settings > Speaker Volume to mute the speaker.
  • Can I use the dash camera without a power source?
    No, you can't. Since this camera has no battery built-in, it needs to be powered while working.
  • Can I use the dash camera without my phone?
    Yes, you can. Once you set up the dash camera with the App for the first time, as soon as the dash camera is connected to the power supply in the future, it will begin working.
  • How can I activate the Parking Mode function of the dash camera?
    A hardwire kit is required to use this function . After the Hardwire Kit installation and wiring are completed correctly , the machine has activated the“ Time-laspe” function by default , and the dash camera can guarantee 24H continuous time-laspe recording to ensure the safety of your car.
  • My mobile device can't connect to the dash camera's WiFi.
    Go to the WLAN settings of your mobile device and find the WiFi of T30X-******. Then, input the right password 12345678. After a successful connection, the WiFi icon on the display will turn green. Upon the success of the first connection, the mobile phone will automatically connect for future use.
  • Why can't I see the live preview on the App?
    1. Make sure your mobile device has connected to the WiFi of the dash camera. 2. The distance between your mobile device and the dash camera can't exceed 5 meters.
  • Why can't my mobile device receive messages via 4G/5G cellular data after it connects to the WiFi of the dash camera?
    If your mobile device is a single-channel phone, it will not be able to receive 4G/5G information after connecting to the camera's WiFi. However, it will be able to receive calls.
  • When I cannot connect to the camera's WiFi, my mobile phone can't recognize the WiFi, the camera's WiFi is not listed, I can't format the card, and I can't find the unconnected device, what should I do?
    Please press and hold the power button for 10s until you hear two beeps to restore the dash camera to the factory settings. After resetting, please reconnect your mobile device to the camera's WiFi. If the issue still exists, please directly contact us.
  • The dash camera can't be used mormally after the new sd card is inserted, and it prompts that the card needs to be formatted.
    To ensure normal video recording with the dash camera, it needs to format the memory card first and check its speed before using it. Option 1: Press the power button as soon as you hear the voice prompt for formatting the memory card. Option 2: Go to the App > Settings > Format to format the memory card.
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